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Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero (GC Port)
Sauvegarde 100% complète !
uploaded by Kevin1988

Downloaded: 13770 times (125.25 KB)

Region: P - European / Other / PAL
Sauvegarde européenne 100% complète.
- Jeu fini en Hard en rang S avec lance-roquette et pistolet mitrailleur
- Tous les costumes
- Mode Leech Hunter complété à 100%.

Views: 10510   Votes: 11   User Rating: 9
Everything unlocked for all difficulties
uploaded by platinum007

Downloaded: 18635 times (445.98 KB)

Region: E - USA / Canada
Saves on all 3 difficulties at last boss with both characters equipped with rocket launchers, got S Rank on all 3 difficulties. Leech Hunter beaten fully on all difficulties

Views: 8373   Votes: 2   User Rating: 5.5
uploaded by Rahzel

Downloaded: 15219 times (189.66 KB)

Region: E - USA / Canada
Game completed in under 3 Hours Rocketlauncher and Machinegun unlocked Leech Hunter completed Unlimited Ammo

Views: 7989   Votes: 3   User Rating: 6.66667
Jap, All Done
uploaded by Jerico

Downloaded: 4309 times (125.25 KB)

Region: J - Japanese
Game completed.
Everything unlocked

Views: 4796   Votes: 0   User Rating: n/a
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