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Call of Duty: World At War
100% Multiplayer Finished
uploaded by chandob

Downloaded: 2133 times (16 KB)

Region: E - USA / Canada
This save contains a 100% complete multiplayer Call of Duty World at War save file.

Save game installer and extractor is required.
(Or Save Game Manag...

Views: 7706   Votes: 6   User Rating: 7.5
(RVYE) CoD - WaW; Maxed Out Profile
uploaded by Zahk

Downloaded: 4853 times (168.1 KB)

Region: E - USA / Canada
(Save Game Installer Required) Campaign completed. Level 65, 10th prestige. Just about every attachment unlocked. Rename it to your liking. Saved as a .rar, decompress then put on your 'wiisaves' folder of your SD card. - Let me know if this doesn...

Views: 10545   Votes: 8   User Rating: 4.625
cod save
uploaded by thebestguy

Downloaded: 908 times (16 KB)

Region: E - USA / Canada
Online perstege level 4, many weapon challenges complete. Please change name if you use this account. Friend roster is also filled.

Requires save game manager 1.0 and a save file already on your Wii so it can override it.

Views: 5328   Votes: 0   User Rating: n/a
Call of duty world at war save
uploaded by modidarshil

Downloaded: 3965 times (260.16 KB)

Region: E - USA / Canada
You will need save game installer for this save. This save profile is lvl 37 which is captain.Enjoy !!!!!!!!

Views: 5390   Votes: 2   User Rating: 5.5
[TEST!] Call of duty
uploaded by Badboyz9472

Downloaded: 2868 times (502.42 KB)

Region: E - USA / Canada
1st prestige lvl 18, probably wont work on multiplayer LET ME KNOW!

Views: 5235   Votes: 3   User Rating: 5.33333
uploaded by HK Krizzy

Downloaded: 6016 times (553.29 KB)

Region: P - European / Other / PAL
This is BK Krizzys save file. Stats online is clearly 1st in score & kills but since treyach bans ppl now for duplicate accounts, not on leaderboards. take advantage of the ultimate LVL 65 :) savegame installer required

Views: 10857   Votes: 8   User Rating: 3.875
CoD WaW All stages playable
uploaded by platinum007

Downloaded: 3200 times (168.06 KB)

Region: E - USA / Canada
DISCLAIMER!!!! THIS IS NOT A POWERSAVE, THIS IS NOT A .BIN FILE! You will need the Wii Save Game Installer to properly import this save onto your Wii's memory. If you do not have knowledge on how to do this don't bother. Fin...

Views: 10175   Votes: 4   User Rating: 2.75
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