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Tenchu 4: Shadow Assassins
Pal - All item unlocked
uploaded by Link-zero

Downloaded: 848 times (63.75 KB)

Region: P - European / Other / PAL
ALL NINJA ITEM & ALL ITEM (Keys) Possession & Number MAX
Map completed.

Point in the game 2nd mission.

Views: 5142   Votes: 0   User Rating: n/a
100% Perfect Save
uploaded by platinum007

Downloaded: 1807 times (63.52 KB)

Region: E - USA / Canada
All 10 missions done at S ranks, all 50 Assignments done at S rank.

All bonus unlockable content in the options menu unlocked, all bonus ninja equipment unlocked as well.

Its everything, final save.

Views: 4585   Votes: 2   User Rating: 10
Tenchu Shadow Assassins
uploaded by jektezak

Downloaded: 238 times (63.75 KB)

Region: E - USA / Canada
Story mode finished on Normal. Few unlockables. Goes in your RTNE folder. Have fun.

Views: 3155   Votes: 1   User Rating: 5
uploaded by Link-zero

Downloaded: 492 times (63.19 KB)

Region: J - Japanese
Game Code: [RTNJ] Tolerance bags full, five-color meters, the fire escape sword in hand, the pill blast was hidden weapons: power pill (16 nights) color M (jack-o'-lantern) -The use of hidden characters: Yin ghost (ghost of surface equipment)

Views: 3260   Votes: 4   User Rating: 4
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