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Harvest Moon Animal Parade
Year 2, Take your pick
uploaded by Zonned

Downloaded: 6778 times (3.17 MB)

Region: E - USA / Canada
Boy File Player Name: Brian Maple Farm Spring 1st Year 2 10k g -Level 4 house, level 2 coop and barn -All 5 bells rang, harvest tree revived (The main story is complete) -All girls (except harvest goddess) range from max to high heart levels - Blue feathe...

Views: 4415   Votes: 0   User Rating: n/a
New Game+
uploaded by Shiya64

Downloaded: 3680 times (3.17 MB)

Region: E - USA / Canada
3rd Slot, Game Clear Save: New Game +
Just load the save to begin.

Starts with:

Goddess Watering Can
Goddess Hoe

Max Stamina
Max Skill Levels

I believe the item I chose to be given was just a Bodi...

Views: 4683   Votes: 0   User Rating: n/a
Ultimate Save
uploaded by superboy899

Downloaded: 1702 times (93 B)

Region: E - USA / Canada
Have all maxed out tools and level 4 House, Coop, and Barn. Have all female marriage candidates at 10 hearts with you. have all wild animals at 6 hearts with you. Have all 5 Bells already ringed.

Views: 5595   Votes: 3   User Rating: 1
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