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ALL Cars And Movies Art NTSC
uploaded by Spyman

Downloaded: 648 times (125.25 KB)

Region: E - USA / Canada

Views: 4137   Votes: 0   User Rating: n/a
Cars 2 50 % complete
uploaded by danteg9

Downloaded: 523 times (261.89 KB)

Region: ?
Gracias por descargar Cars 2, me e dado cuenta de que no hay ninguna partida guardada de cars 2 y por eso puse una incompleta.
Tiene nivel 4 con 28275 puntos y en premios no tiene casi nada ( unos 10 ). Si usted tiene una mejor partida guardada le rec...

Views: 4232   Votes: 0   User Rating: n/a
Cars 100% (All Bonus content unlocked and All trophies)
uploaded by mattclose1983

Downloaded: 6500 times (124.98 KB)

Region: P - European / Other / PAL
All paint jobs, Artwork, Videos and trophies unlocked

Views: 9658   Votes: 3   User Rating: 2.33333
PAL Wii save for Cars
uploaded by jimbojames71

Downloaded: 1870 times (256.22 KB)

Region: P - European / Other / PAL
This file is a PAL save for the Wii. In Cars, I have completed every race and unlocked all paintjobs for all cars, got all the movies and some of the pictures. The only thing I haven't completed is Tractor Tipping. I am up to level three in that, I thi...

Views: 7539   Votes: 5   User Rating: 7
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