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Home > D > Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 > Perfecto
Game Code: RDSE - USA / Canada Author: saver_cheater2007
Downloads: 112386 Views: 31618
Rating: Admin Rating: n/a Avg. User Rating: 9   with 20 votes
(1.29 MB)
All beaten, 12 password characters(max) all characters and stages, and ultimate battle most z ranks, sim dragon beaten with everyone and everyone customized greatly( all 3 customs, custom 1,2,and 3)!


saver_cheater2007 - 1-August-2008 5:34 pm
actually 14 password characters.

kunit22c - 20-August-2008 6:41 pm
could you tell me how to download this step by step? i know how to use the zipped folders just not these

saver_cheater2007 - 21-August-2008 9:54 pm
kunit22c to use this just download it and on your sd put in a folder called RDSE, if you don't have one make a new folder and name it RDSE and put the file in it.

Gaselius - 30-November-2008 1:19 pm
Thank you Brothel

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