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Home > D > Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 > Perfect Save *Final Update*
Perfect Save *Final Update*
Game Code: RDSP - European / Other / PAL Author: Setsna
Downloads: 104162 Views: 40241
Rating: Admin Rating: n/a Avg. User Rating: 8.80556   with 36 votes
(1.29 MB)
All Characters and Maps!
100% Dragon History!
Finished Sim Dragon with Goku, SSJ4 Vegeta, Syn Shenron!
Finished all Mission 100 with rank Z!
Finished Survival with rank Z!
100% Z Items!
All Character at Level 7!
14 Passwort Character!
15 Custom Character with 3 Custom Set's!
10Character with 1 Custom Set!

Enjoy this Savegame :)


Link-zero - 27-February-2008 9:49 am
Very Best Save!

marthman91 - 27-February-2008 3:02 pm
It's a rar file. How do i use it?

platinum007 - 27-February-2008 8:48 pm
use winrar and extract the file.

Setsna - 29-February-2008 4:37 am
I hope you enjoy my new Updatet savefile :> @Link-zero ty ^^

thewiiboiy9 - 4-March-2008 9:24 am
thank u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!& #33;!!!!!!!!!!!! waiting for long gosh finaly lolololollll

platinum007 - 5-March-2008 1:58 pm
Get all characters at max levels and this will be a perfect save, good job on all Z ranks on Mission 100.

benkal - 13-May-2008 8:32 am
What is the artifact red and how you had them

kunit22c - 20-August-2008 6:41 pm
could you tell me how to download this step by step? i know how to use the zipped folders just not these

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