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All Characters + Sub Space Emissary Completed
Game Code: RSBE - USA / Canada Author: Justin
Downloads: 503465 Views: 126124
Rating: Admin Rating: n/a Avg. User Rating: 6.88462   with 52 votes
(15.96 MB)
All characters unlocked + Sub Space emissary completed.


deathwalker - 26-November-2008 10:38 pm
sweet save dude! it's awesome!

re_MASTER - 12-January-2009 8:00 pm
Great save bro. I know it was done with AR MAX, and it says 100% Complete, how did you get it to do that? Manual hacks? Or just the AR? Also, its great how it just replaced my current Brawl data (practically nothing) and copied over with no problem (no Twilight Hack) and especially since I'm running on 3.4 system menu. Props. Respond if you can.

tomvsrock - 19-January-2009 1:55 pm

WaffleTron - 16-August-2009 5:21 pm
Only question is, is this the AR Max save or an even better one? Because for us true completionists, it's not really 100% until you have ALL the SSE cutscenes including all the alternate versions (Peach gets stolen/Zelda gets stolen, etc).

marioian - 18-December-2009 4:56 am
how can you unlock spear pillar, when you don't have the event: the aura is with me

Addai - 12-August-2010 2:33 pm
Awesome save, man...

Ashmic - 5-November-2010 2:20 pm
Ok i've tried your save, and about 3 others from this site and one or 2 from another site they all freeze at the stage select screen, please help me! I don't use any hacks or anythin i just play regularly no texture hacks, no ocarina codes, nothing all i do is put it in the title folder, add it to my SD card and put it on the wii and it freezes at stage select PLEASE please help me im using an original brawl disk as well

kamikaze0yos - 2-December-2010 6:56 pm
help! I just can't copy the file to my Wii, it says that can't copy the files, i tried with all of the data.bin posted here but seems to be the same file (AR MAX). What's wrong? why does everybody can copy it less me :-( I tried copying saves from other games and they work. WHAT'S WRONG??? :-(

commentmaker12 - 3-December-2010 2:11 pm
i just 100% a hack so don`t think not ar mean action replay and thats a hack!!

vilisei - 12-March-2011 4:59 pm
Some games have protected saves, I installed homebrew channel and used the savegame installer and it worked.

squirtle500 - 1-June-2011 9:42 am
Have you too all challenges and all what to get?

squirtle500 - 1-June-2011 9:43 am
Or have not one of you its testing?

kenneth - 7-July-2011 8:46 pm
does it realy work? because it wont work to me

Duck6258 - 15-August-2012 5:55 pm
To play Super Smash, yonu have to take your sd card with hack files out because the twilight hack works with super smash and the game will freeze thinking you are trying to re-hack it

MasterofMario - 3-March-2013 5:09 pm
More Downloads than Views?!

LoganN64 - 8-August-2013 9:46 pm
Works great! no need to have Home brew or anything, just a SD card and follow the regular install instructions. I like Super Smash Bros, but hate how some secrets need to have 400+ fights to unlock everything. (especially since my file got corrupted and i have no patience to jump through all the hoops again. THANKS!!!

RubyTheMaster - 5-March-2014 5:40 pm
Wow! This really does work! This is the only save I've found that you don't need some program to use on your Wii. Awesome! :D

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