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Perfect Save
Game Code: RNEE - USA / Canada Author: platinum007
Downloads: 66052 Views: 36579
Rating: Admin Rating: n/a Avg. User Rating: 6.2   with 10 votes
(102.35 KB)
Everything is unlocked.
Story mode is done 100%.
Missions 100%

Included is the DATA.BIN and SAVE GAME MANAGER versions of my save.


Since the save data is copy protected you will need a soft modded wii with PRELOADER and its HACKS file (disabling copy protection).

Make sure you get the hacks file for your specific system menu version!!!

All you do is simply copy over the DATA.BIN in the folder from the SD card to the system memory.


You must have save data from the game already on your wii otherwise the transfer will fail!

Extract the save game manager version of the save (folder and its contents) to the sd card into the "SAVEGAMES" folder.

Run the save game manager and choose install mode.

Locate the save and install.


wheeler808 - 6-December-2009 1:41 pm
does this save include the 4th hokage

platinum007 - 6-December-2009 9:37 pm
There is no 4th Hokage in the game. I should have every mission done on hokage rank except I'm having trouble with Rock Lee's combo mission, other than that, it will be released in a few days.

kielyzilla - 10-December-2009 10:19 pm
i have 4.2U... i have been using every method possible to try to copy this file to Wii, and i still couldnt get it working ( i spend more than 4 hours ) please help.

platinum007 - 11-December-2009 2:01 am
you need homebrew, any save that has online data is gonna be locked. And since your on 4.2, you maybe out of luck, I haven't researched homebrew on a 4.2 system at all.

gametime30579 - 15-December-2009 1:34 pm
People just download neogamma7 and disable the copy block feature on neogamma(found in the reboot option) then just reboot and save normally like if there was no block on game to begin with...thank me lata..for the slow ppl its called Remove Copy Flag, make it "YES"

kakashi5000 - 24-December-2009 11:10 am
platinum007 please you cna upload save with savegame manager because i don't know how to use savegame intaller and i try to do all your steps but nothing.So pleaaaasseee upload it by savegame manager.

kakashi5000 - 24-December-2009 11:13 am
If i know well it has two files one banner and one another file upload them please both.

BlazeNinja - 21-February-2010 3:16 pm
I was able to finish the lee combo but you also don't have the Guys No Health Recovery! could you post a new one with that one complete?

panisuk - 31-March-2010 2:31 am
agree me and I'll tell them how to make the save function

panisuk - 31-March-2010 3:31 am

platinum007 - 29-July-2010 10:04 pm
I will have an updated final version uploaded later, I missed one of Mighy Guy's missions and I did Rock lee's combo mission, now the missions are at 100% Hokage ranks.

sanson - 8-April-2012 3:20 am
hellow! how you doing? ok, im sorry, but i cant understand how to install the save in the wii memory :(

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