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Home > L > Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess > [Gaminger] - [PAL] - [Savegame Collection - All Saves + 100% Save]
[Gaminger] - [PAL] - [Savegame Collection - All Saves + 100% Save]
Game Code: RZDP - European / Other / PAL Author: Gaminger
Downloads: 141940 Views: 66558
Rating: Admin Rating: n/a Avg. User Rating: 7.26923   with 78 votes

(3.79 MB)
This is the surprise i was talking about. The
complete collection of all my Zelda Saves plus the
99% Savegame. Enjoy it :).


Hen - 22-April-2007 10:53 am
Gaminger you are the best!

Kronok - 23-April-2007 12:08 am
Amazing package. Everyone without a PAL Wii is sure to be jealous! edit: Your save has been Pinned to the top of the Zelda: twilight princess category. First save to ever be Pinned.

Gaminger - 23-April-2007 9:13 am
Coool, thanks :D. Really i didn't thought you would like it so much. I'm really surprised, thanks :).

S Wiiman - 23-April-2007 4:36 pm
This is amazing!

Gohdan - 24-April-2007 7:42 am
Danke, dass du dir die Mühe gemacht hast eine Zelda-Save-Kollektion zu machen, die es jedem erlaubt noch einmal die besten Twilight Princess-Momente zu erleben. Du hast dir ein gaaaaaanz großes Lob verdient. :)

Gaminger - 24-April-2007 12:49 pm
Danke :). Ich dachte mir es macht sinn stadt in der liste alles was mann will zu suchen gleich alles zu downloaden und dann einfach am pc aussuchen, auf die SD und losspielen :).

J4all - 25-May-2007 7:28 am
---> Good Job Soldier <--- hey echt geile Savegame sammlung ... mein Lob...echt richtig geil...(gut das es welche gibt die sowas machen)

Gaminger - 27-May-2007 3:56 pm
Danke :). Wenn ich mehr spiele habe werde ich auch für die so eine savegame collection machen. Mein nächstes spiel wird Mario Strikers Charged sein. Also werde ich für dieses nur ein 100% save machen...es hat keinen storymodus.

Gaminger - 18-June-2007 7:26 am
500 Downloads!!! Thank you very much for the downloads folks :).

Dooby - 25-July-2007 8:21 am
What is the Horse and character's name? This save looks amazing!

Bowser - 29-September-2007 11:26 am
hey gaminger do you also have a save file that has all the treasure chest in the dungeons and the character name Link and Epona?

Gaminger - 13-October-2007 10:37 pm
Yep, it's this one. I'm quite sure i checked all treasure chests. About the names... sorry i don't have a complete save with Link and Epona.

M3LViN - 6-December-2007 4:48 am
Nice work. However, the content.txt in the 99% file has the heading "Wii Sports" Just thought you'd like to know.

Gaminger - 26-January-2008 6:53 pm
Maybe i'm going to edit this savegame to add something new, like saves with names as Link and Epona, and maybe some glitched files too.

queep - 27-January-2008 12:38 pm
Yes please Gaminger ! Saves with the names Link and Epona would be great, I'm looking forward to it :)

Gaminger - 27-January-2008 4:08 pm
I'll work on it as soon as i finish Super Mario Galaxy :).

zeroelement996 - 21-June-2008 5:08 pm
Does thus have everything??cuz i have everything except for rollgoal and the poes so i was wondering if i could find one with all the poes at least. so does this have everything including poes?

Gaminger - 7-September-2008 4:36 pm
The game is completly done, only the Rollgoal game isn't complete. It has all the foes :).

gf1966 - 8-January-2009 11:14 pm
What the heck is going on I've loaded the Goron mines save game and after playing for a few hours and saving a few games I end up right back at the start....????? Ococco doest help and the funny thing is its kind of working as I have 2/3 of the keys I have collected in my inventory... any ideas, Im going nuts!!1 gf1966@lycos.com

Linuks - 25-April-2009 7:20 am
Stop clicking download button in order to have the most downloaded save... -_- Downloads: 53742 Views: 16371

Dlc-energy - 22-December-2011 6:52 am

kkc1945 - 14-January-2012 1:12 pm
Hi, voll die geile collection, aber wie kriege ich diese über dolhpin emu zum laufen? please send me a mail, meins wurde irgendwie gelöscht ;(((

kizomaru82 - 21-September-2012 4:26 pm
Hi, I search for a save I can't find in the winrar file. Is there any save in Kakariko Village after saving Zora's prince? Thanks in advance for answer.

saccolla - 12-September-2014 2:53 pm
to trasform 99% into 100%, i need to defeat Ganordolf, Right?

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