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12 Useful Save Files
Game Code: SB4E - USA / Canada Author: MasterofMario
Downloads: 501 Views: 1209
Rating: Admin Rating: n/a Avg. User Rating: n/a   with 0 votes
(880.31 KB)
After Extracting the .rar file then you will have a choice of which file you want.

Guide to the Folders

120 Stars
Green Stars Unlocked
(Perfect for people who want to go on a mission for green stars)

228 Stars
All Green Stars Collected except the ones in World S

240 Stars
All Green Stars Collected
Grandmaster Galaxy Unlocked
(Perfect for people who want to play the Grandmaster Galaxy)

241 Stars
Grandmaster Galaxy 1st Star beaten
Perfect Run Unlocked
(Perfect for people who want to play the Perfect Run)

242 Stars
Every Star Collected
Perfect Run Complete
Rosalina on Ship
(Perfect for people who want to have a 100% file)

Hacked Files
Files with Hacks

World Select

World 1
1 Star Collected
World 1 Unlocked

World 2
1 Star Collected
World 2 Unlocked

World 3
1 Star Collected
World 3 Unlocked

World 4
1 Star Collected
World 4 Unlocked

World 5
1 Star Collected
World 5 Unlocked

World 6
1 Star Collected
World 6 Unlocked

World S
1 Star Collected
World S Unlocked

All Files Have
9999 Star Bits in Bank Toad
9998 Star Bits on hand

No Hacks were used on the files out of the Hacked Files Folder


MasterofMario - 3-March-2013 3:11 pm
BTW the 9999 starbits are unhacked even in the Hacked Files folder. It was done by replaying the first level multiple times. Also the 'World 1' file is also unhacked.

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