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Home > X > SX4E (pal game) Xenoblade Play with mumkhar in several maps
SX4E (pal game) Xenoblade Play with mumkhar in several maps
Game Code: P - European / Other / PAL Author: hellothere
Downloads: 112 Views: 1561
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!!!!!!!!Spoils in this save too!!!!!!

lvl 1 chars in NG+ but this time, You can go EVERYWHERE
Ever wanted discover other maps with Fiora from col.9?
Now you can
(lvl up her for fighting ennemies that she couldn't , discovering a certain beach from a certain arm...
If you want play normally just go col 9 entrance.

Ever wanted to explore col9 (the one of the ending)? Now you can with Dickson and all
This map got no problems because it's based on older col.9, but it stands with no lives on.
If you want No music when discovering just load this slot 1st.
If you want other music, load say 1st slot, go to satorl marshes for example, then load this slot.
You can now explore this area with satorl music. same goes for everywhere.
!!!!Once you go on other maps, you can't back in without codes!!! (but you can go everywhere with Dickson and the 2 others)
As they can't fight monsters other than lvl 30 or so, try another maps before.
No, I can't give you left shoulder, since it restart my wii until codes are back in.
To play normally, just go in satorl to fight boss birdy (statues)

Last party are in sword valley. (my favorite battle field)
Normally you can't at this point of game.

(I reuploaded it because it was the same as below, sorry for this)
Have fun!

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