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Right before Sky City
Game Code: RZDE - USA / Canada Author: Sithis Dread
Downloads: 1551 Views: 5649
Rating: Admin Rating: n/a Avg. User Rating: n/a   with 0 votes
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Great Save! 15 hearts, all bottles, all bomb bags, a lot of items, all bugs, most heart pieces, 45 POES, and next level to complete is Sky City and cannon is already at Lake Hylia.


Sithis Dread - 9-December-2006 10:09 pm
No comments??? Good save? Bad save?

Hen - 9-December-2006 11:51 pm
The save worked great and saved me from yet *another* game ending bug - make sure the file is in the correct format though - private/wii/title/RZDE/data.bin before you upload it.

Guest User - 10-December-2006 12:45 pm
Thanks so much!!!!! I thought I was going to have to start ALL OVER AGAIN! This was reall cool of you to do!

Guest User - 11-December-2006 1:45 am
sweet, i just got stuck in the canon room, i had 17 hearts, all bugs, all bottles, all bomb bags, 45 poes... ahh, this looks pretty close to my game save. how many hours are on yours?

LostLouis - 16-December-2006 7:09 pm
Hey, i have recently gotten stuck in the cannon room glitch, and your save you have here is perfect. It's identical to my file before I got stuck. However, eveytime I download ur save on to my RZDE folder thats in my director private/wii/title/RZDE it doesn't work. All i see is a ? mark when I try to put it on my wii's internal memory. I've tried other saved files on here and those work. I was wondering if u could upload another wii save identical to this one that works.

LostLouis - 16-December-2006 8:14 pm
Hey, just disregard my last comment, cuz I just got the zelda file to work. I had to download and use winrar to extract it to my RZDE folder and it worked perfectly fine.

Guest User - 28-December-2006 3:59 pm
*SPOILER ALERT* I was working on collecting the rest of the Sky Book Characters when I realized I needed to leave for my Mom's Christmas dinner. I kept playing, saying I will just get one more character, then quit, but one more became two more, then three more, etc, and then I finished the book. So I thought I would take the book to Shad and then stop, but then of course I went on a little more, until I got in the room, saw the cannon, and it dawned on me that I would need to teleport it, and I had a good idea where, so I decided to save and quit, thinking I would know exactly what to do when I picked it up later. Well, I was wrong. I fell victim to the "cannon glitch", and after about 25 minutes of trying to blow myself up and trying to talk to an invisible Shad (neither method worked for me), I gave up...My glitched save file is in Slot 1, but my step-sister and my fiancee's cousin are in Slots 2 and 3, but is there a way to splice this uploaded save game into my own, so that I have the one I got here in Slot 1, and my stepsister's/fiancee's cousin's in Slots 2 and 3? I really don't want to have to transfer the .bin files to and from SD cards each time I want to play a non-glitched game...

Guest User - 4-January-2007 2:33 am
Is the name of Link "Link" and Epona "Epona" in your saved game?

Guest User - 4-January-2007 2:37 am
[The previous Jan4 comment is mine] My Wii over heated just before New Years. I was bummed that I couldn't show off the Wii! Arrrggh! Anyway, keep your Wii vertical and also create an SD backup of all your saved games!

orenn6 - 8-January-2007 10:31 pm
oh, can someone plaease help me! (>.<) i put it on my SD card, when i click on properties, it says G:/private/wii/title/RZDE so why doesnt it work? the G: is just the SD card right, or do i need to get rid of that and if so how? alos, what does your little emblem look like on your save. mine is a little blue e on a piece of paper, is it in the right format? PLEASE HELP!!! I DONT WANNA RE-DO MY GAME!!! also, when i look at the properties of the file, does is need to say /data.bin, cuz mine stops at RZDE even though the file is named data and it is a bin file. if so, how do i add the data.bin? thanks! qsefthuko

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